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Competence creates confidence

Connoisseurs of the Global Reinsurance Environment


Ecclesia Reinsurance-Broker GmbH (Ecclesia Re) is a member of the Ecclesia Group, the largest German insurance broker for corporations and institutions. Ecclesia Re was founded in March 2020, the Team boasts more than 100 years of experience in the reinsurance market.

Just like all other members of the Group, Ecclesia Re is solely committed to client benefit and competitiveness, not to short-term profit motives or shareholder value. The company is domiciled in Cologne. From there, Ecclesia Re operates in the global reinsurance world; it is not subject to any limiting or influencing Group requirements from third countries.

As a reinsurance broker, Ecclesia Re's mission is to have a shaping influence on the reinsurance market in order to expand insurance capacity and thus increasing the client benefit for the primary insurance policyholder.

To this end, Ecclesia Re procures reinsurance cover for primary insurers, thus enabling them to underwrite adequate insurance cover for primary insurance policyholders.

In doing so, Ecclesia Re works closely with the primary insurance brokers of the Ecclesia Group and shares its expertise across the Group.

Ecclesia Re considers itself as a sparring partner for cedants in the European market and as an additional – European – alternative when it comes to structuring and optimizing your reinsurance programs. Due to its unique proximity to the primary insurance business, we are convinced to understand the basic business better than competitors and thus to provide reinsurance solutions that are of high value for our partners.

Our people at Ecclesia Re take the time to perform detailed risk analyses and modes to optimize the reinsurance structure. A high level of transaction experience coupled with a strong international network equips them with access to the global reinsurance market to successfully place risks.

Key advantages at a glance

    • Broader variety of offerings by designing reinsurance solutions to suit the needs of primary insurance clients
    • More insurance capacities at best possible prices
    • Faster and possibly also more favorable underwriting decisions for primary insurers thanks to parallel capacity querying in the reinsurance market
    • Positive influence on the primary insurance market and thus increased variety of offerings through the arrangement of reinsurance solutions
    • Improved procurement position by direct access to the reinsurance market
    • New opportunities for the negotiation of terms and conditions with primary insurers
    • Improved competitiveness driven by favorable reinsurance capacity
    • Enhanced business opportunities through smart reinsurance solutions
    • Own resources not required for procuring on the reinsurance market